Jordan Peterson nearly died several times

His daughter relayed the story

Dependence on the anti-anxiety tranquilizer clonazepam led Jordan Peterson to spend the past month undergoing drug detox in Russia, according to an update from daughter Mikhaila, who added that her dad is now recovering after four weeks in a Moscow hospital. Twitter arguments about JBP’s circumstances were sure to follow.

Chair Girl’s front page selfie

“I have a lot of growing up to do,” Marcella Zoia said to a judge in regard to the revelation that the infamous chair-tossing video was originally posted to a Snapchat account under her name. Nonetheless, her sentencing was held over again, to March 12, as the system weighs how to render judgement upon this year-long spectacle.

John Baird is mulling a run for federal Conservative leader. Reactions to the candidate field so far promoted a public prod from old cabinet colleague Jason Kenney. Meanwhile, the blundered beginnings of the Peter MacKay campaign lead him to try and make amends through yoga on 22 Minutes.

Steven Del Duca basically won

Of the 911 delegate spots decided in the Ontario Liberal leadership contest, former transportation minister Steven Del Duca secured 570 of them. So, a mysterious social media attempt to trash him for billing the party for restaurant expenses didn’t take:

Charges were laid in a Toronto streetcar confrontation that went viral. Circulation of a 12-second video of TTC special constables in an altercation—which included them spraying a substance at a passenger—was followed by word of the passenger being charged. Wider issues related to fare evasion are on the agenda for a Tuesday meeting.

A professor against the pups

Western University professor Liam Kennedy claims his two-year-old son has “internalized my feelings” about a particular cartoon series. Those feelings were reflected in Kennedy’s research, published in Crime Media Culture: “Whenever there’s trouble, just yelp for help”: Crime, conservation, and corporatization in Paw Patrol.

Jessica Mulroney’s show is almost ready to go. I Do, Redo’s March 22 debut was plugged by CTV during the Oscars: one of her wedding do-overs involves a man who was wrongly imprisoned for 27 years. Don’t expect a Meghan Markle cameo, even if speculation continues about which Toronto house she and Prince Harry bought.

Finally, it’s cheaper at Cheapies

Cheapies Records and Tapes, which once had several locations (originating with 599A Yonge Street in Toronto) ended up with its name remaining on one store in Hamilton. But after two years of publicly contemplating its closure, Cheapies owner Brian Jasson decided it’s time to wind down the business: