Jonesing for a month better than January

But the waiting is the hardest part

The email to season pass holders announcing the May 14 opening date for Canada’s Wonderland was later given a caveat: it’s subject to Ontario government approval. But first in the provincial reopening are schools in regions far away from Toronto, where the mayor says the time has come to set some plan to bring everything back.

The second coronavirus spring

Groundhog Day will find Toronto city council voting on the recommendation to extend pandemic bylaws for four more months. Meanwhile, incoming international travellers flying into Pearson Airport will start getting a mandatory COVID-19 test, as Ontario expands their availability. But the ability to travel out of Canada is going to get trickier.

Subway is being sued due to testing that found there’s no tuna in its tuna sub. The claim that it’s actually “a mixture of various concoctions” is disputed by Subway, which advertises the flaked fish as the real deal. Recently, the chain was given the green light to proceed with its $210-million lawsuit against the CBC for questioning the chicken.

Fall of the topless mermaid

A plan to close up to 300 locations across Canada is taking out storied Starbucks stores in Toronto, such as the one that emerged after a battle for the soul of the Annex and the West Queen West relocation of the one sprayed with “Drake you ho this is all your fault.” The closures include a conspicuous retreat from downtown offices:

Jerry Brandt dead at 82. While the New York nightlife impresario was best known for putting on the Ritz, it was preceded by his part in creating Electric Circus, a wild hippie environment also exported to Toronto. The location at 99 Queen East then became the home of Citytv and MuchMusic, and the EC name was eventually exhumed for television.

Finally, not singing for Coke

The Weeknd says he’s pouring $7 million of his own money into the Super Bowl halftime show—although sponsor Pepsi is among the advertisers passing on more traditional commercials. But the soda pop also had to deny the report that he’d get twice the length of past spectacles. The source was this feature on the ascent of Abel Tesfaye: