It’s just another day in the life of Dave

Apologies are for prime ministers

David Weaver, of Nelson, B.C., told reporters he enjoys doing “spontaneous and exotic stuff”—like jumping naked into the shark tank at Ripley’s Aquarium, part of his Toronto misadventure last year. His trial for an alleged assault outside Medieval Times is next.

Je suis Justin Trudeau

Sunny Khurana, a Surrey, B.C., sari store owner whose children were taught by a future Canadian PM, says he took no offence to Justin Trudeau’s brownface Aladdin. The scandal is also meeting with shrugs in Quebec. But at a Saskatoon town hall, Trudeau was asked to round his skin-painting-incident number “to the nearest five.”

Trevor Noah shows that he can’t be bought off. The Daily Show segment on Justin Trudeau’s blackface was ironic, given how the PM tweeting its host to make a $50-million charity pledge was a peak of his spotlight-seeking. Meanwhile, a pre-recorded clip featuring Trudeau was quietly excised from Lilly Singh’s new talk show.

Sedan status for these Liberals

MPP Marie-France Lalonde was nominated as a federal candidate for Orléans, the Ottawa riding whose Liberal MP, Andrew Leslie, is stepping aside due to “ethical things.” So, the Ontario caucus is down to five, two of whom are bidding to become its next leader:

Jordan Peterson has checked into rehab. “He looks like a lost puppy,” explains daughter Mikhaila Peterson in a video that details how her dad struggled with withdrawal symptoms from trying to wean himself off Clonazepam.

Jock released from detention

We Day Toronto included Emilio Estevez, who wants you to know that he’s a lot more anxious than his character from The Breakfast Club. Like his frequent We Day speaker dad, Martin Sheen, it was presumably left to the adults in the arena to get excited about the actor:

Dan Levy makes a deal with ABC Studios. Schitt’s Creek will be followed with bigger U.S. network possibilities for its showrunning star, who stands to have better luck in these circles than when his father scored a role in the 1997 ABC sitcom Hiller and Diller.

Finally, the castle lights are growing dim

Return to Frightenstein has now been uploaded for listening. It’s the first revival of intellectual property spun off from the 1971 kid’s show, with Malcolm McDowell in the Vincent Price hosting role. But multiple voices were required to replace the late Billy Van: