It’s a new, new, new, new normal world

Filled with rules you can’t refuse

Toronto remains in lockdown, while northern neighbours in York Region get a taste of the red zone, which includes allowing restaurants to seat 10 customers. But the Ontario stay-at-home order has also stayed in Peel, where international travellers arriving at Pearson Airport are navigating the new world of being whisked to a quarantine hotel.

The year’s biggest food bill

Adamson Barbecue owner Adam Skelly’s bill for Toronto city expenses related to illegal reopening may be covered by donations, but it could set a precedent for downloading police services onto individuals. Meanwhile, four people charged for allegedly tossing glass bottles from a 45th-floor balcony had the mayor comparing them to Chair Girl.

The government approved a negotiating mandate that would facilitate the future sale of the site, however the site has not been sold.” The Dominion Foundry, whose demolition became a Toronto political flashpoint before it was halted, was quietly shopped by the province—which is aiming to secure affordable housing out of the deal.

Spaceship imagined at the CNE

Toronto’s exacerbated housing crisis has been highlighted further by Khaleel Seivwright, the carpenter calling for the city to drop its lawsuit against him for building tiny shelters in encampments. Concurrently, a proposed future for generally vacant Exhibition Place was unveiled, and it involves a $500 million hub for first-person shooters:

Sarah Nicole Prickett makes for a great supporting character in a 10,000-word profile. The New Yorker writer Ian Parker’s epic piece on artist Nicole Eisenman features a useful muse in the art critic who was formerly a fixture of Canadian publications. The pair’s recent personal relationship has also manifest in the SNP tattoo starter pack.

Finally, dialling down off AM

Global News Radio became synonymous with static in recent months, as owner Corus Entertainment deals with the current media climate. This included liberal Edmonton host Ryan Jespersen getting fired after a politician complained, then conservative Calgary host Danielle Smith concluding she wasn’t welcome. The two had a good chat: