Hooters added an item to the waitress uniform

Patio life gradually returns to Ontario

The addition of face masks to the Hooters girl uniform in Barrie provided an image for the times as parts of Ontario reopened sit-down restaurants, hair salons and shopping malls while other parts remain closed. And while Quebec ruled that bars can’t open as fast as eateries, some in Montreal are considering defiance of the current law.

Timbits and bytes of bugging

Tim Hortons sent a message to app users explaining its policy after being questioned about it by James McLeod of the Financial Post. It was their attempt to get ahead of a story about how the chain could collect detailed location data when the tracking permission isn’t switched off. A chunk of code reveals how much Tims was surveilling.

Cineplex threatens to see the buyer that bailed on it in court. The planned $2.8-billion purchase by U.K. company Cineworld was called off, leaving the chain to its own devices in reopening theatres. Currently, the first scheduled North American wide summer release is The Broken Hearts Gallery, which is a Canadian production.

The lobsters are still lurking

Jordan Peterson will soon release a new video that explains his current situation while undergoing a new round of drug detox therapy in Belgrade, according to his daughter Mikhalia. Evidence of their plans to spend a couple of months in Serbia was provided by this photo of JBP’s birthday dinner there, with a candle atop his steak:

Happy birthday @jordan.b.peterson. I know the last year has been the most difficult year of your life. I also know that you’re going to take the next year by storm. The future is full of opportunity and hope and I’m so fortunate to be able to be there with you to experience it. Thank you for everything you’ve taught me - particularly to not feel sorry for yourself. Happy Birthday! Also... update coming soon 😊
June 12, 2020

Conservative leadership race shifts to commotion over call centres. Erin O’Toole’s campaign acknowledged briefly using a U.S. firm to reach members by phone when the available Canadian ones were overflowed by rivals like Peter MacKay. The two frontrunners, and two others, will face off in socially distanced debates later this week.

Two solitudes of mascot glory

Youppi! became the first representative of a Canadian-based team to be inducted into the Mascot Hall of Fame, based in Whiting, Indiana. The honour acknowledged 25 years with the Montreal Expos, prior to his 15 and counting as the mascot for Les Canadiens:

Yolanda Ballard dead at 87. The longtime companion of Toronto Maple Leafs owner Harold Ballard dominated the headlines when she went to war with his children over the fate of his estate. While she was left $50,000 a year in Harold’s will, Yolanda—who took his name despite never marrying—scored between $2 million and $5 million.

Finally, words of the profits

David Marsden, who still broadcasts online 57 years after his first fame as a Toronto radio DJ, is honoured twice in the new animated video for Rush’s “The Spirit of Radio.” The first rendering is Marsden while at CFNY, the station that inspired the song. The second reflects his earlier look at CHUM-FM, as the first to spin Rush: