Hockey stars are exempt from lockdown life

Ontario gives freedom to the NHL

Restaurants and gyms are considered safe enough for NHL players in Toronto and Ottawa, though Ontario isn’t allowing them to reopen yet. The provincial stay-at-home order is shifting back to the regionalized framework of colour codes. And the small businesses that pledged to sooner define themselves as “essential” are being watched.

When you best protect ya neck

Canada’s embassy in China posted an apology for the “Wu-han” logo commissioned by staffers: Beijing saw it as a bat rather than a tribute to the Wu-Tang Clan. Meanwhile, the Globe and Mail reported the Canadian visa application centre there is run by the police, at a time when politicians are demanding the relocation of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

The farmers’ protest in India leads Jagmeet Singh to buy dessert for two ladies of Twitter. Amanda Cerny and Mia Khalifa had poet Rupi Kaur paying for dinner to counter-troll those insisting support for the farmers was part of a paid campaign that originated with bigger celebrities. The NDP leader sweetened the deal with gulab jamun.

Second toke over the line

The sale of the Second Cup for $14 million to Quebec restaurant owner Foodtastic, which hopes to open over 100 new locations, followed the Canadian coffee chain’s outgoing owner Aegis Brands buying Ottawa’s Bridgehead coffee for $9.5 million. Amidst this flip, Hemisphere Cannabis also replaced prime locations of Second Cup:

You can buy the Toronto mansion that the Rose family got evicted from. La Belle Maison, featured as the original home of the Schitt’s Creek family, has been re-listed for $14,980,000, discounted from an earlier $21,788,800. In related news, Dan Levy’s mom subtweeting about 1996 camp bullies led to a guessing game about where it was.

Finally, it’s a virtual Neighbors 3

Mark Steyn is doing a nightly primetime hour on Fox News during “Reimpeachement Week,” but he reached back to his National Post past for pre-reimpeachment material. After the dog shampoo tweet was a Greg Gutfeld panel discussion topic, Jonathan Kay was interviewed from home about what it was like to have “the left” come after him: