Hipsturbia is a word built to disturb ya

New York but without all the stuff

A term coined with some whimsy in 2013 for a New York Times story on hipster life becoming cheaper beyond Brooklyn risks being adopted as sincere after a Bloomberg News story on Toronto-area builders of “hipsturbia,” aspiring to lure young urbanites.

The last W is missing here

“Hopefully ALL I got today was a haircut,” tweeted W5 correspondent Peter Akman on a selfie with a masked barber of Asian ancestry, hashtagged #CoronaOutbreak. His apology for it was followed by Akman ending his employment with CTV. Bell Media confirmed that he no longer works there, but typically didn’t make the reason public.

Canada’s first coronavirus patient was discharged from the hospital. The man was admitted there after travelling from Guangzhou, China, to Toronto. Meanwhile, the outbreak keeps feeding the Toronto Sun, from Sue-Ann Levy on a taxpayer-funded Chinese dinner for 100 to Joe Warmington reporting that dim sum is still delicious.

Cancon culture via Viceland

Yes, There Is a Canadian Movie So Bad It Rivals The Room.” An appraisal of the obscure 2000 film Ryan’s Babe is doing battle for Vice clicks up against exhaustive nostalgia for Jonathan Torrens’s 1996 to 2001 after-school teen talk from the CBC:

Broadcasting report constitutes a stunning overreach.” Peter Menzies, a former vice-chair at the CRTC, lays into the legislative review panel for suggestions that include having all digital content providers register with a federal agency. But then, the CRTC’s appeasement of Americana on the Super Bowl was quashed by the courts.

Finally, strip club cashes out

Filmores Hotel was caught between gentrification and preservation, as the Toronto building arguably has heritage value. But now it has a new owner, Menkes Developments, which inherits a scarce stripping licence, if not also some nifty neon: