Here’s what people are fighting about today

Cross-country culture war checkup

Your Ward News won’t publish again, but the infamous newspaper isn’t done making news. A judge gave the paper’s erstwhile editor, James Sears, a chance to argue why his hate speech trial should be reopened.

Twitter cancelled Lindsay Shepherd

A heated exchange with a transgender woman resulted in a permanent Twitter ban for the teaching assistant turned activist. Shepherd’s video about the incident has a plug for Thinkspot, a social media outlet overseen by Jordan Peterson, which is launching soon.

That is not how we do things in Canada.” Justin Trudeau’s comments on recent tweets from Donald Trump stopped short of calling the president racist. (The PM’s reaction fell in line with what Liberal opponents see as selective election campaign outrage.)

Unplanned had a decent gross

The anti-abortion movie opened across Canada to weekend ticket sales averaging $7,214 U.S. per screen, amidst a few protests and some harshly critical reviews:

Byron Ayanoglu dead at 73. The food writer, who once worked as a personal chef to celebrities, served as Now Magazine’s acerbic restaurant reviewer from 1985 to 1991.

Finally, the double double draft latte

Tim Hortons announced a July 25 opening for its first “innovation café,” promising seven different coffee-serving methods. The shop will be located under Tims’ new corporate headquarters in the Exchange Tower, and will feature $1.99 doughnuts that weren’t frozen: