Here’s how things looked to Dick Smyth

Leaving his own obituary behind

Dick Smyth explained in his autobiographical death notice that he’s “always been a DIY guy.” He recorded his final radio commentary in January 2020, retireing from a 41-year career as an opinionated newsman: from CKLW in Windsor to a tendency to throw typewriters around Toronto’s 1050 CHUM to launching the all-news format with Rogers.

A think tank thought is flushed

BLM resorts to ’emotional blackmail,’ argues Black SFU academic,” read a headline from Vancouver’s News 1130, based on PhD student Sonia Orlu’s opinion posted by the Macdonald-Laurier Institute. Her criticism of the Black Lives Matter movement was removed by the Rogers outlet after first promising a rewrite to be “fair and balanced.”

The official TikTok of Dr. Jordan B. Peterson. A sea shanty about philosophers kicked off postings that the prof said his wife made him do. It’s also quicker than navigating the critiques of what amounts to basic self-help content. But the band Mumford and Sons once defending their photo with JBP as benign came up again, due to their banjo player’s taste in reading.

Derek Sloan is still lurking

Anti-abortion groups are seeking to dominate the Conservative policy convention slated for mid-March. The virtual event may also find Erin O’Toole embracing the carbon tax while no longer talking about his pledge to defund the CBC. So, at the same time the leader is trying to get known by most voters are rumblings of party unrest on the inside:

Kenya is the new focus for wondering where the money went for We. The Fifth Estate uncovered that three different donor groups raised money to pay for the same borehole. The charity responded by saying excess funds were redirected to other comparable projects. But claims of deceptive fundraising practices keep on coming.

Finally, a kayfabing from Katy

Heather Russell was once a 10-year-old Toronto singer on a YouTube video that led to a deal with Simon Cowell, giving her hope of being a famous singer forever more. But the realities of a teen recording career rarely match initial expectations—all of which may explain the harsh critique from Katy Perry at a successful audition for American Idol: