Guess Who had a concert with no distancing

No time for the killing floor

No Time” was among the songs played by the Guess Who at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota. The band became among the first to fearlessly perform for a big pandemic crowd. Bryan Adams is scheduled to soon follow suit in Düsseldorf, Germany, albeit with hygiene precautions.

Fresh faces of papermaking

The new owners of the Toronto Star are thinking thoughts about what to do with the operation, now that its purchase by NordStar Capital has been completed. David Peterson, the former Ontario Liberal premier, is helping with their mission. The effort will presumably involve hiring to replenish some reductions.

Caught Lying: Brampton Ontario Mayor Patrick Brown Breaks His Own Pandemic Rules.” Rebel News reporter David “Menzoid” Menzies ambushed Brown at a rink, where the mayor denied he was there to practice, despite a sighting of his hockey bag. Brown later said he wasn’t breaking the law, but he didn’t want to talk to the Rebel.

Selling simple stories for idiots

Anthony Stechyson first heard of Crad Kilodney, who peddled his own writings on Toronto streets from 1978 to 1995, when he read his obituary. In the six years since, he’s been making a documentary called Putrid Scum in an effort to help illuminate what compelled the author to crankily stand on corners while defining his personal brand:

Salome Bey dead at 86. After performing in a group with her sister and brother, the vocalist moved from Newark, New Jersey, to Toronto in the mid-1960s. After a run of roles in stage musicals, Bey created her own cabaret revue, Indigo, which threaded the history of Black American music. (She retired from performing in 2011 due to dementia.)

Finally, life imitating Sunnyvale

Jerry Falwell Jr. agreed to an indefinite leave of absence from his leadership at Liberty University—co-founded by his televangelist father—at the end of a week that began with questions about him sharing a photo with unzipped pants. The argument that it was part of a Trailer Park Boys costume party on a yacht didn’t help Falwell’s case in the end: