Green leader is aiming at Liberal entitlement

And so is Maxime Bernier in his way

The new Green leader sees the “intellectual exhaustion” of other parties as a window of opportunity for Canada to give greater consideration to a party headed by a woman who’s Black and Jewish. Annamie Paul already registered to run in the Toronto Centre byelection, with the belief that the Liberals have ignored the needs of the riding.

The most unmasked candidate

The leader of the People’s Party of Canada made good on his word to run in a Toronto byelection, opting to put his name on the ballot in the more suburban York Centre. But the initial campaigning by Maxime Bernier focused on downtown, as he aligned with his kind of tribe at the now-weekly March for Freedom against COVID-19 restrictions.

Kamala Harris, a Disco-Dancing Teenager, Yearned for Home in Canada.” New York Times correspondent Dan Bilefsky dispatches a wistful look at how the Democratic vice-presidential candidate “navigated the competing racial and social divisions” at Montreal’s Westmount High.

A department store dilemma

A reduction of winter hours at the heritage Hudson’s Bay in downtown Winnipeg was seen as foreshadowing its end before the pandemic—but an earlier sign was when its Paddlewheel Restaurant closed. With the odds of WeWork moving in seemingly slim, the closure of this standalone store forces new thinking about what can fill this space:

Cineplex’s ex-suitor is about to bring the curtains down. The postponing of the James Bond movie No Time to Die to April 2021 triggered Cineworld to tell its U.K. and U.S. theatre staff to prepare for at least a couple months off. Coronavirus previously pushed Cineworld to cancel a merger with Cineplex, which has reopened with hope.

Finally, pandemic picture show

The Man from Toronto is due to start shooting on October 13, as verified by a YouTube video from actor Pierson Fodé at the beginning of his 14-day quarantine. The action comedy film’s co-stars Woody Harrelson and Kevin Hart are presumably doing the same, to be followed by location shoots on possibly quieter streets: