Glory hole discourse open for these times

Walls mounting between COVID-19

Glory hole stock photos are getting a workout thanks to the B.C. public health unit explicitly referencing the use of slots in a wall as one method to prevent spreading the coronavirus during sexual contact. This brought on sincere reflections of the role these holes through history and a porn website offering $100,000 to build them.

The complexities of Cineplex

Canada’s largest cinema chain is asking the Ontario government to exempt it from Stage 3 reopening rules that limit the number of guests in a theatre to 50, no matter how many screens are inside. Cineplex returned to business in other provinces without mandatory masks for patrons and without any blockbusters opening these days.

SmartStream is the new Rogers scheme to retain $5 a month from cord-cutters. Importing a device that helps scan for shows on streaming services is an effort to offset the revenue drops from cancelled cable. The continued evaporation of original content on speciality channels isn’t helping much, even as the Toronto Blue Jays return to play.

The forgetful finance minister

A lively round of federal finance committee hearings was followed by We Charity issuing a response to observations from journalists Jesse Brown and Vivian Krause. We also claims it gave complimentary foreign trips to the family of Bill Morneau, who said he simply forgot to reimburse $41,366 for them—and now he’s facing loud calls to resign:

Please rest assured that the well-being of our employees remains our priority.” A memo obtained by CBC News from Julie Payette’s second in command, Assunta Di Lorenzo, affirmed earlier reporting on a toxic climate at Rideau Hall, which the governor general’s office initially denied. Perhaps a successor to Payette will be more boring.

Finally, the Netflix journeyman

Latif Nasser, the Radiolab researcher who grew up in Mississauga, recently made waves with a podcast series of his own: The Other Latif was about exploring the life of a Guantanamo Bay detainee who shares his name. But he’d also been actively exploring the pre-pandemic world for Connected, on which Nasser goes searching for science: