Getting angry about Anne of Green Gables

Netflix and CBC are dropping the E

After its third season ended its run on CBC, it was announced that Anne With an E won’t return, typical of shows backed by Netflix. The news devastated Anne fans around the world, even though the final 10 episodes have yet to run outside Canada. But the result is a bigger Green Gables uprising than when a book cover made her a blonde.

The silly old signs of city hall

The judicial reinstatement of Jim Karygiannis as city councillor for Scarborough-Agincourt reversed a swift cancellation over his alleged campaign expense violation. Meanwhile, a campaign by Scarborough North councillor Cynthia Lai to give florescent armbands to pedestrians is being widely received as blaming the victims for unsafe streets.

Second City runs from one development to another. One York Street will become the Toronto home for the comedy enterprise after its current location, adjacent to Wayne Gretzky’s restaurant, is vacated in favour of 40 other storeys. The new complex, in the city’s South Core, was originally intending to have a flagship store for Target Canada.

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A Grey Cup of meme apparel

Wearing an “I ♥ 🇨🇦 Oil And Gas” hoodie to a coin toss made Alberta premier Jason Kenney fodder for conversation louder than any CFL game talk. But for Winnipeg Blue Bombers fan Chris Matthew, who pledged in 2001 to wear shorts until his team won the Grey Cup, it was a victory for the concept of keeping your lower legs covered with fabric:

Dirty Blonde beer raises the ire of other craft brewers. Nine Locks brewery is the target of a letter from fellow members of the Craft Brewers Association of Nova Scotia, which has deemed Dirty Blonde marketing to be “discriminatory and misogynistic.”

You can’t do that on HGTV

Property Brothers co-star Jonathan Scott is basking on Instagram alongside girlfriend Zooey Deschanel, as he and brother Drew prepare to start a magazine. Fittingly, their elusive older sibling J.D. got married on time to soak up such supermarket tabloid shame: