From YouTube glory to NBC’s littlest show

Scarborough’s screen time is 1:35

Hype has begun for Lilly Singh’s debut on NBC with the September 16 launch of A Little Late. (But not even Conan O’Brien can be bothered to watch these shows late at night anymore.)

The squad that’s taking it on

An all-woman panel of October 7 debate moderators won’t be asking questions of Maxime Bernier, who’s still agitating for a place for the People’s Party. Another English-language debate, moderated by Paul Wells, is scheduled for September 12.

Meet the new Ontario sex-ed curriculum. Which is pretty similar to the scrapped sex-ed curriculum, to the dismay of its loudest critic. Meanwhile, the anti-carbon-tax stickers, mandatory on every gas pump in the province, will be challenged in court.

The CNE’s big butter scandal

Creating the occasionally viral sculptures at the Canadian National Exhibition involves more than just butter. The use of internal frames was confirmed in interviews with dairy artists, after some folks couldn’t believe what they saw:

I keep an eye on what my family is doing… It’s all in the back of my mind.” Frank Walker earned a Canadian Press profile in the wake of the radio success of his single, “Heartbreak Back.” But he won’t say much about his feuding mother and grandfather.

Finally, a debate over dildos

Dildo, Newfoundland enjoyed the limelight from Jimmy Kimmel’s bid to become its honorary mayor. But the bit was followed by a St. John’s sex shop using the town’s scenery to promote the sale of actual dildos, which some locals think crossed the line of decency: