From Saks Fifth Avenue to a slaughterhouse

How to score activist photo ops

Animal Liberation Toronto was a four-day event that tied up the Keele and St. Clair intersection, in the aftermath of an anti-fur display that led to a lockdown of the Toronto Eaton Centre.

“Rob Ford Road” close to reality

An eclectic menu of street name choices relevant to Etobicoke, five of which are people— including retired Blue Jays broadcaster Jerry Howarth and late comics artist Darwyn Cooke—revives the debate over whether Rob Ford should be honoured with anything.

Ipsos is opting out of election polling aggregators. The trend of tracking multiple surveys to create a wider projection picture isn’t cool to pollster Darrell Bricker, who wants no part of commercialized modelling that draws from the work he does.

A news union takes a side

Unifor plans to campaign against Conservatives in the federal election, despite the concerns of member journalists who had Unifor lobby for a bailout on their behalf:

Bette Stephenson dead at 95. The medical doctor who became an Ontario PC cabinet minister was interviewed by Steve Paikin for TVO upon her birthday three weeks ago.

Finally, one drawn-out legacy

Richard Williams, the Toronto-born animator who supervised Who Framed Roger Rabbit, recently died at age 86. Tributes mention how Williams also spent over 30 years working on The Thief and the Cobbler, only to have the butchered feature released as a DVD prize in Canadian boxes of Kellogg’s Froot Loops: