Ford Fest became the premier’s shame parade

Free food can’t buy him enough love

The resignation of Doug Ford’s chief of staff, Dean French, amidst a cabinet shuffle that demoted finance minister Vic Fedeli, cast a shadow over Ford Fest in Markham. The event featured a protest plane banner from teachers, and a willing interview subject in a MAGA cap.

Who will sign, seal, deliver Kawhi?

Raptors coach Nick Nurse played guitar with the Arkells while an impatient nation awaits word on whether Kawhi Leonard will re-sign for next season. While some Raptors keep basking in their glory, the case of Masai Ujiri’s on-court altercation at Oracle Arena isn’t closed yet.

The woman who allegedly woke up cold and alone in a darkened plane. Air Canada says it’s investigating a claim that crew members ignored a sleeping passenger, whose tale was relayed in a Facebook post from her friend.

Niagara Falls strip club sans Stormy

The alleged POTUS paramour couldn’t get across the border for a much-hyped appearance. An infamous Fake News website smells something more conspiratorial:

Elliot Roberts dead at 76. The rock music manager caught his first break when he volunteered to work with Joni Mitchell (after Buffy Sainte-Marie sent him a tape of her songs). Roberts proceeded to steer Neil Young’s career for all of the past 50 years.

Finally, the spoils of a shoplifter

Scott Thompson of Kids in the Hall shared this confession on the day of the Pride parade—having kept the evidence of what he stole:

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