Facebook won’t go deep-sixing the deepfakes

Doctored content looms over election

Roger McNamee, a former adviser to Facebook, also spoke to this committee, and advised that governments should shut down all social media until it can be reformed.

The other side of the exit sign

Criticizing border crossing policy shouldn’t be intertwined with racism, declared Andrew Scheer, with this shot: “And if there’s anyone who disagrees with that, there’s the door.”

Mark Carney is being wooed to replace Justin Trudeau. So goes a Toronto Star report on a conference call, in which Liberal insiders expressed a desire for the Bank of England governor to come back for them if the election results knock the PM out of leadership status.

Safe Hands hugging Bloor and Yonge

Spacing struggles to make sense of the public artwork at One Bloor East, which artist Ron Arad came to a dedication for, alongside Toronto politicians embracing the arms.

Canada’s last classical record store is priced out of Toronto. L’Atelier Grigorian, which was smacked with a rent hike from $8,000 to $30,000 a month at 70 Yorkville, will shift to selling albums online in mid-June, after clearing out stock it accrued in 39 years.

The long road from Melonville

Wild and Crazy Guys, a new book by Empire magazine editor Nick de Semlyen, promises to outline how SCTV became an incubator for movie stars—or at least one most of all:

ms.info is a new newsletter by Alheli Picazo. The journalist who tweets at @a_picazo will untangle newsy threads in her email, shipping later on Wednesday afternoons. (It’s the third of four fresh weeklies that 12:36 is boosting, after Retrontario and The Jumpstack.)

Finally, a score he didn’t expect

Alex Trebek is on the cover of People, almost three months after announcing he was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer—and says that he’s crying “tears of joy.”