Dutch dreams of the tallest condo in town

And other tales to end the week with

What could be the highest skyscraper in Canada has been sketched for the northwest corner of Bay and Bloor Streets in Toronto. It would replace a sturdy office building with its skinny 87 storeys: most floors would be condos, with a restaurant on top. The two Dutch developers who commissioned the Swiss design want to win the supertall derby.

The language of 21 seconds

“And since you’re from Canada, I won’t have a 21-second gap before I say what I have to say,” Al Sharpton told the reporter who asked about what he’d say at a Minneapolis memorial service for George Floyd. But this wasn’t the first time Reverend Al took a jab at the Canadian PM—whose apologies for wearing blackface ran hollow with him.

Jane Philpott comes to the rescue of Ontario. The former federal health minister will advise Queen’s Park on the development of a health data program to detect, plan and respond to COVID-19. While the province ponders getting to the next stage of its reopening, having gone slower than any other, short-term rentals are legal again.

How not to log off from Zoom

Sienna Senior Living is facing a $20-million lawsuit over the conditions at one of the Toronto long-term care homes taken over by the province. A call with family members of those at another residence formally ended before a Sienna executive who failed to disconnect was overheard talking about “another blood-sucking” legal action:

Lakeside Park pavilion will be named for Neil Peart. The city of St. Catharines, Ontario, voted to honour the late Rush drummer by formally aligning the spot with the lyrics he wrote in 1975 about the shore of his hometown. Peart will also be the focus of a tribute concert, which was announced for May and is now rescheduled for October.

Finally, far from the shallow

Roberta Battaglia is the 10-year-old Torontonian who’s become the subject of much coverage after the broadcast of her pre-pandemic audition for America’s Got Talent. She has Joe Warmington likening her prospects for fame to that of Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus—and Doug Ford declaring Battaglia is a star that’s already been born: