Drinking, hugging, kissing and spitting

The pandemic rule rollback begins

The new rules to limit the size of social gatherings in Ottawa, Toronto and Peel target an apparent trend of events behind held without the supervision of a staffed business. Doug Ford blames “reckless, careless people” for stoking Ontario’s coronavirus case count, pointing to all the “drinking, hugging, kissing, spitting.

A quick nomination campaign

CTV fixture Marci Ien rapidly went from an aspiring candidate to a confirmed one, as the Liberals designated her to replace Bill Morneau in Toronto Centre before a likely byelection in the reliably red riding. A parallel path was cleared for Ya’ara Saks in York Centre, a Toronto riding Conservatives held before recently exited MP Michael Levitt.

Huawei has pledged to not creep on Canada. A draft of a document from the Chinese firm promises “no-backdoor no-spying” if it gets permission to access 5G networks. Meanwhile, just before the U.S. blocks access to apps based in China, the Canadian government bought ads on TikTok to warn against hooking up in these times.

The truth about pandemic TIFF

While the Toronto International Film Festival is set to wrap with its usual People’s Choice Award, the recaps can’t avoid discussing the weirdness of watching without those surrounding experiences. One critic is especially blunt about what was missing:

CBC’s branded podcast ambitions provide new grist for questioning its agenda. The launch of Tandem, a strategy to bring the sponsored content experience to on-demand audio, roused criticism of the public broadcaster for entering yet another digital arena that private companies are building up.

Finally, green with gamma rays

Tatiana Maslany is set to star in She-Hulk for Disney Plus, joining Shang-Chi actor Simu Liu as the Canadian actors in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The new part for the Orphan Black star is a lawyer whose blood transfusion from her Hulk cousin made her become bigger and greener whenever riled up, while retaining her legal instincts: