Drake has returned to finish the job

The end of a self-isolated selfie era

Certified Lover Boy, the Drake album originally slated for January but delayed due to knee surgery recovery, is about to be mixed upon his return to Toronto. After the past 16 months with periodic quarantine periods, Drizzy’s flight home to greater freedom was preceded by his private dinner date at Dodger Stadium with Johanna Leia.

Where the leader likes land

Jagmeet Singh says the NDP would rather not have an election called this summer, but new Abacus Data poll numbers showing a formidable opposition give him little choice but to enter campaign mode. Respect as Conservative leader remains more elusive for Erin O’Toole, who was shaking hands and making pancakes at the Calgary Stampede.

On Big Tech and publishers, Canada must follow Australia’s lead.” The Logic’s boss David Skok argues in favour of legislation that Ottawa left dangling this summer, although Google struck voluntary licence deals. Facebook is also paying some to test a new system, although CBC News will continue to avoid comments on there.

What the anchor left behind

Wendy Mesley’s piece about what she called the CBC’s “problem with racism” not being solved by her exit generated rounds of reaction, like two Journal de Montréal columnists wondering why she’d engage in Soviet-style self-criticism. Meanwhile, the initial reports from a whistleblower hotline at the CBC showed a pattern to accusations:

Movie theatres can’t understand why Ontario will cap multiplex attendance at 1,000 per building. Cineplex is most annoyed by Step 3 rules that may require turning patrons away from its largest locations when they reopen on Friday. But the Toronto International Film Festival is pleased with the chance to add screenings.

Finally, a legend of three letters

“SHT” was the entire text of a review of GTR, the 1986 supergroup pairing British prog guitarists Steve Hackett and Steve Howe accompanied by corporate rock vocals of the era. J.D. Considine, a Baltimore-based writer for Musician who later moved to Toronto, discussed its impact 35 years later: