Doughnutgate is the death of Trudeau clickbait

It also brought it back to life

Exactly who was apoplectic over this $35 a dozen doughnut haul was sketchy at best, but the first-term Justin Trudeau is clearly missed as a partisan target—if not a conduit for criticizing Conservative outrage. Oh Doughnuts in Winnipeg seems pretty grateful for the pastry takes; the PMO can be confident that the boss still has the touch.

Dropping out before going in

Canada’s parallel to the U.S. primary action needed some drama, like Jean Charest announcing that he doesn’t want to be Conservative leader while despairing the state of a party shaped while Charest was the Liberal premier of Quebec. Peter MacKay, who’ll be officially launching his bid on Saturday, is racking up endorsements.

The strange tale of the paid protesters supporting Meng Wanzhou at her extradition hearing.” Offers to earn $150 for a “movie shoot” baited at least two people who held signs outside Meng’s court appearance in Vancouver. They all curiously declined to talk to reporters at the protest.

Crash course in paparazzi law

Lawyers for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle sent threatening letters to U.K. media outlets over their use of photos snapped in public around Vancouver Island. It’s raised new questions about whether Canadian media and privacy laws cover using telephoto lenses and whether attempts to shoot through windows counts as surveillance:

Giant claymation ladies terrorizing Toronto are tamed by the dulcet tones of Drake. PartyNextDoor’s comeback single, “Loyal,” now has a music video, whose plot involves giant women in thongs hell-bent on the destruction of the 6ix. But the attackers are soothed enough by the song to smoke legal weed with PND, as Drake’s outro comes in.

Finally, going to Goo Lagoon

Larry Walker, the baseball star from Vancouver who started his major league career with the Montreal Expos, was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in his 10th and final year on the ballot. Making it even more memorable was Walker opting to sport a Nascar-style SpongeBob SquarePants shirt while basking in the word of his induction: