Doug Ford has no time for a lockdown denier

A stay-at-home weekend update

After crashing a great cover of the Toronto Sun to argue against the emergency stay-at-home order, Ontario PC MPP Roman Baber got tossed by his boss. Baber believes that the lockdowns are “killing more than saving.” Meanwhile, Matt Strauss, a Kitchener doctor who’s been vocally against curfews, is now hoping to run for the federal Conservatives.

Tales from the vaccine scene

Just as the COVID-19 vaccinations passed one per cent of the Canadian population in about a month, Pfizer will temporarily reduce shipments while expanding its long-term manufacturing capacity in Puurs, Belgium. The receipt of a million doses a week is expected to wait for April, but all Toronto long-term care homes have been jabbed.

Toronto’s most infamous eternally illegal billboards. It’s been 15 years since a municipal standards officer admitted there were no records of any permits for a pair of commercial signs on Bathurst Street, just north of Davenport Road. But the billboards remain to this day, prompting a new effort to get them and 15 similar offences removed.

Popping off a shared laptop

The story of the reporter fired by the CBC in the aftermath of fallout from his tweet critical of Don Cherry had its lively arbitration ruling widely covered, including by the CBC itself. And while Winnipeg-based Ahmar Khan will either return to his contract job or get compensated, the colleague involved in the incident shared his side in a Twitter thread:

If we do not move with our audiences, we risk becoming dinosaurs on a melting ice cap.” Catherine Tait, CEO of the CBC, kicked off the CRTC’s three-week review of its broadcasting licences. Changes to the existing regulatory commitments are up for debate, as the public broadcaster wants to transfer dough to smaller digital initiatives.

Finally, into the digital grotto

OnlyFans had its hype as a way to make quick cash for nude modelling deflated by the New York Times. But then, the platform is also promoting itself as a hub for all sorts of subscription content, like a model who teaches multiple languages. Contributing to this trend is Montreal’s Polina Grace, even if her music looks like a sideshow to photos: