Donald Trump on “two-faced” Justin Trudeau

It’s right there in black and white

“Well, he’s two-faced,” said Donald Trump in response to what the hot mic heard from Justin Trudeau. “And honestly with Trudeau he’s a nice guy, but the truth is I called him out on the fact he’s not paying 2 percent [in military spending] and I guess he’s not happy about it.” A press conference scheduled for Trump was subsequently cancelled.

Chick-fil-A eternally unforgiven

Despite its pivot away from donating to anti-LGBT organizations, which has since led to new condemnation from conservatives, Chick-fil-A remains unwelcome by some in Windsor. The need to approve a site plan for the property of the Devonshire Mall, which will host the sandwich chain, is how it ended up protested at Windsor city hall.

Toronto’s recently upheld short-term rental rules are being appealed by landlords. Enforcement of the bylaw was already delayed for nearly two years. Meanwhile, a Toronto man shot at a party house rented on Airbnb is suing the platform for $5 million. (Amidst it all, mayor John Tory is now pushing for a property tax increase.)

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Dissent in Patrick Brown’s town

Martin Medeiros, a city councillor in Brampton, Ontario, is a practicing Catholic who saw December’s declaration of Christian Heritage Month as evidence that crossing a line between church and state has been distorting civic priorities. The stance must clash with mayor Patrick Brown, who can’t get enough of proclaiming stuff.

Vice Canada’s former music editor was sentenced to nine years in prison. The judge was nonetheless convinced by evidence that Yaroslav Pastukhov “was not a leader or a principal in this large-scale cocaine importation scheme.” And while he laments losing a link to social media hot takes, Slava P hopes to write a newsletter.

A new appreciation of power

Grimes is the ideal subject for Interview, the Andy Warhol–branded magazine that relaunched after bankruptcy. Speaking to two interlocutors, Lana Del Rey and Brit Marling, the Canadian girlfriend of Elon Musk delivers varying amounts of absurdity, and also references how her relationship could be leading her to testify in court: