Disrupting the 600 soccer fields of Markham

Government can’t stop loving startups

“Soccer fields” is a strange metric to pitch to technology companies, but maybe that’s the best way to distinguish Markham amidst the players at the Collision Conference.

Doug Ford shows up to a booing

The premier met with jeers when he appeared at Collision. The conference is in the middle of the first of three planned annual occurrences in Toronto, backed by three levels of government. But the startup hoopla can’t transcend headlines like Ontario cutting $24 million in funding to artificial intelligence research.

The feds are ready to review the approved journalism list. Heritage minister Pablo Rodriguez unveiled the eight administrator organizations that will determine which media outlets are eligible to submit requests for federal financial support.

Drake’s very own overvalued present

Reports that the diamond jacket MLSE gave to Drizzy was worth $769,000 were corrected:

The secret Canadian enthusiasm for New Coke. Coca-Cola’s classic mistake of 1985 is getting revived for a tie-in with Netflix’s Stranger Things. And yet: history shows that New Coke, despite being a notorious flop worldwide, outsold Coke Classic in Canada after the original formula made its hasty return.

Carly Rae Jepsen’s inverse popularity

The takes on her new album, Dedicated, tilt towards calling CRJ names like “Queen of the Nonpopular Pop Stars,” because that’s what it takes to get most music criticism read today:

Christine Crosbie dead at 53. The former Global News Toronto personality moved on to a communications career, most recently with OCAD University. Crosbie lost her battle with cancer one year after her husband, Douglas, was struck and killed on his bike.

Finally, the other sides of Bookie

Dave Bookman, who died after suffering a brain aneurysm earlier this week, earned a Canadian Press obituary focused on his early adventures in radio. His other job, booking indie-rock bands in Toronto, also factored in the plot of this music video from the Inbreds:

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