Did Mayor Pete help fix the price of bread?

The mystery of history points north

Pete Buttigieg released some details of consulting he did for McKinsey & Co., which included analyzing the effects of price cuts at a Canadian supermarket chain—but the U.S. presidential candidate says he’s bound by an NDA. So, might as well wonder if McKinsey client Loblaw had Mayor Pete toiling in the trenches of bread price fixing.

The player Trudeau deserves

Jimmy Fallon got the Canadian cameo role amongst the NATO world leaders gossiping about Donald Trump, although the Justin Trudeau impersonation from Fallon came off more like Mike Myers. But real-life retaliation from Trump’s campaign chief involved chirping at the 71,200 job losses in Canada.

Ontario high school teachers threaten another strike day. Rumblings of escalation garnered a response from education minister Stephen Lecce, who’s striving to avert a rerun of the walkout that led Doug Ford to be immortalized as a Timbit. Meanwhile, the OSSTF union has Facebook: it’s spent more than $350,000 advertising on the platform.

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White space in a Sunday paper

The safety report released by Uber, which revealed nearly 6,000 reports of sexual assault by drives and passengers in the U.S. over two years, generated debate about whether this is good or bad for the app. And while Canadian statistics weren’t released, Uber bought two pages in the Toronto Star promoting measures to curtail the issues:

Celine Dion can’t really sell that many albums. Courage scored headlines touting the singer’s staying power, due to topping the Billboard album chart with help from a free download with U.S. ticket sales—but its 110-spot plunge in the second week exposed the lack of further interest. (Dion managed to sustain her standing on Canada’s chart.)

A six-decade sign-off scheme

Ken Shaw announced his retirement after 40 full-time years with CTV News Toronto. But he’ll stick around until January 6, allowing him to claim six decades as anchorman before hanging around for “a number of special projects.” The managed exit provides evidence that not every Bell Media veteran gets shuffled off without an announcement:

Finally, a correction from the previous newsletter. An item from Thursday’s 12:36 initially echoed a misattribution about how CBC caught Justin Trudeau’s hot mic moment. It wasn’t via Sputnik—but rather through the Buckingham Palace pool feed.