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What to talk about in the backyard

Ottawa police launched a hate crime investigation after a man screamed obscenities outside the office of Catherine McKenna. The infrastructure minister considers it part of a trend of threats to politicians. Ottawa MPP Lisa McLeod is again under police protection, and NDP MP Charlie Angus has been contending with a stalker.

Self-owning a press credential

Postmedia’s chain-wide editorial announced the withdrawal of its reporters from the Alberta Legislative Press Gallery, ironically after its members voted in agreement with National Post reporter Tyler Dawson’s call to banish Rebel Media. Meanwhile, the Post reposted The Logic’s feature on the success of Quebec’s very nationalist newspapers.

CBC Statement on Coverage of Arts and Entertainment in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Arts columnist Tara Thorne tweeted a joke about the repetitive sex sounds from her downstairs neighbour, the son of outgoing Nova Scotia premier Stephen McNeil. While she apologized, twice, CBC Radio has cancelled Thorne.

Kamala Harris’s old home week

Personal contact in the past four decades wasn’t a prerequisite for former Montreal classmates and teachers to heap plaudits upon the presumptive Democratic vice-presidential nominee, who’d arguably be a Conservative by Canadian standards. But a more personally heartfelt take came from this American non-citizen of some renown:

City of Toronto warns that about 550 people may have been exposed to COVID-19 at a strip club. Brass Rail Tavern cheekily promoted its reopening with images of dancers wearing masks, but it didn’t stop an infected employee from working four shifts. Precautions required for reopening included recording customer names.

Finally, double duty at a café

Kathleen Edwards stepped back from international singer-songwriter fame in 2014 and poured her energies into Quitters Coffee in Stittsville, Ontario, as part of taking a mental health break. Quitters is now central to her first album release since then, because it’s not like crossing the border for its launch is a practical plan these days: