Death of the greatest hockey dad ever

The cups are raised to Walter Gretzky

The most famous Bell technician in the town where telephones began, Walter Gretzky became a celebrity far beyond Brantford, Ontario, due to the credit he always received from his son. Wayne Gretzky’s restaurant in Toronto also enshrined their relationship. Closed last fall, its building was recently demolished to get replaced by condos.

The wait that’s taken a year

The last lingerings of winter resulted in a freezing scene of people 80 years and older waiting outdoors for a vaccine north of Toronto. York Region was previously the home of a crowded hospital hallway line for immunization. Meanwhile, quarantine hotel policies continue accruing infamy that includes growing concerns about safety.

The rickety Toronto garage quickly received its $730,000 asking price. It took just three days to sell the dilapidated Danforth Village shack that drew wide attention, in part because it was previously listed for $599,000 just 18 months ago.

Now playing the game of trust

NDP MP Don Davies fired off a few tweets about perceived Liberal bias at CBC News, which also fed the Conservative case against it. Subsequently, after announcing some correspondent shuffles, the newsroom editor-in-chief cited the conspicuously ever-despairing Edelman Trust Barometer as a motivator to up the standards for reporting:

Putting a tender heart in a two-hour blender. 155, the Canadian podcast launched to analyze every track from Blink-182, pivoted to a broader discourse about “punk” songs, then polled its audience for what to discuss for one hour and 55 minutes. The winner was “Inside Out” by Eve 6, a band making an extremely online return.

Finally, this very scary sequel

Drake was early to count the ways of staying a hip-hop star in lockdown, which raised anticipation for an entire album made in 2020. Certified Lover Boy remains “in the pot,” although it’s foreshadowed by three songs grouped as Scary Hours 2. The video for “What’s Next” finds him taking the TTC and going back to the top of the CN Tower: