Daniel Dale is now CNN’s full-time Trumpwatcher

“The truth file” gets primed for 2020

A month after a leaked Toronto Star memo about the departure of Daniel Dale, his new job with CNN was announced by the network. Meanwhile, the Walrus article on how Dale’s beat was seen as a potential saviour for the Star recently won a National Magazine Award.

Mark Steyn feeling new déjà vu

This committee also heard from Lindsay Shepherd and John Robson, but Conservative MP Michael Cooper’s quoting the Christchurch shooter was expunged from its record.

How your Ontario PC social media sausage gets made. Global News got the document telling MPPs how to tweet about a wish for variety store alcohol. The biggest blunder was Christine Elliott showing up at a shop once busted for selling an e-cigarette to a minor.

Spidey kept his secret identity secret

Mark Zilio previously made news for performing as “Peter Parkour,” which resulted in an alleged busker bylaw breach. Whether it was again Zilio in this Spider-Man costume is unclear, because the situation that police supplied attention to ended with no arrests:

Sidewalk will wait months longer to learn its fate. Waterfront Toronto’s board vote on whether to proceed with a smart-city was pushed back to allow for more evaluation. The proposal from Sidewalk Labs is expected later this month amidst mounting opposition.

Kik gets kicked over its Kin

The messaging app, based in Kitchener, is being sued by the Securities and Exchange Commission for selling its cryptocurrency to American investors without permission.

Keanu Reeves continues an unexpected renaissance. A cameo in the Netflix movie Always Be My Maybe has further sparked appreciation for the Toronto-raised actor, including Naomi Fry’s New Yorker piece declaring Reeves “Too Good for This World.”

Finally, the pieces of Pal Hal

Harold Ballard is the focus of a currently ongoing series of 100 Lego dioramas, from Red Deer resident Joel Cadieux. The life story of the former Toronto Maple Leafs owner, who died in 1990, gave Cadieux a cantankerous nostalgia trip that he could build with his kids:

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