Curbing your enthusiasm for going outside

The restricted state of fun in the sun

Driving to the waterfront to breathe spring air is officially being discouraged—but this photo was busted as the byproduct of a CP24 truck parked next to them, on the lawn. The city of Toronto is now breaking out the concrete blocks to end these scenes.

What looks less concrete now

A petition calling for mortgage and rent relief across Canada is part of a movement to get those economics considered in COVID-19 measures. Toronto restaurateur Jen Agg explained her case via the Globe and Mail: “Without immediate rent help, I will drown.”

They All Retired Before They Hit 40. Then This Happened.” The current state of the FIRE movement is explored in a New York Times story, featuring hate-read fixtures Kristy Shen and Bryce Leung. Currently, the Toronto globetrotters are self-isolating in a downtown condo they found on Airbnb—discounted from $111 a night, to just $39.

A very gesticulated eviction

Big Brother Canada contestants were denied the $100,000 grand prize—it was donated to charities responding to COVID-19 issues instead. But before the former housemates took their unresolved drama online, reactions to the end of the season fed an episode:

Cineplex faces up to having its temporary closure held over. While one condition of a pending takeover by Cineworld is to keep its debt below $725 million, Cineplex had to acknowledge that its April 2 reopening plan won’t happen. More likely to find fortunes revived are drive-in theatres across Canada, with new protocols, if not any new movies.

Finally, the masked trendsetter

Orville Peck struck a deal with the storied Columbia Records: not bad for a Vancouver punk drummer who relocated to Toronto to be a mysterious gothic country singer. A video for the single “Summertime” was unveiled with hope of getting back to it soon: