Countdown to a weird Winter Olympics

Backlash builds for Beijing 2022

Justin Trudeau was likened to a panda in the headlights regarding his reluctance to call China’s treatment of Uighurs a genocide though he attached that term to the deaths and disappearances of Indigenous women and girls. The opposition is calling for a boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics, since a relocation of them is “next to impossible.”

This wasn’t bought on Cameo

A video he claimed to post in order to get verified on Twitter (which isn’t how it works) heralded the return of Mark Carney to Canada after his seven years governing the Bank of England. Carney, back to sell his upcoming book and to take up a new role with Brookfield Asset Management, says the climate crisis will be worse than COVID-19.

The dream of drinking beer and wine at 7-Eleven. It could come true if Ontario approves the application to serve alcohol at 61 locations around the province. The licence being sought at this time isn’t about selling bottles and cans in a convenience store, but presumably serving patio drinks.

Reading the real diversity issue

The Hockey News became Twitter’s daily main character upon sharing its latest cover, featuring Washington Capitals defenceman Zdeno Chára. It was promoted as “The Diversity Issue,” but the subjects of any stories that might fall under that banner were relegated to the sidelines. And despite enough evidence of its intentions, an apology denied the dissonance on display:

Is Canadian broadcasting entering its final act? The question was asked in the Toronto Star based on cutbacks and layoffs at media outlets tethered to telecoms. The expectation of platforms legally required to pay for Canadian newspaper content remains, even though Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp just cut its own deal with Google.

Finally, a meta meteorology

Retro Weather is a paid app recently launched for Apple devices by Gary Kash, inspired by the early digital displays hosted by cable companies. And like the Twitch feed that channels the classic U.S. Weather Channel, the app plants the present-day forecast into an ancient terrain of pixellated font, accompanied by very easy listening: