Coach can’t be cornered into any retraction

It’s the good ol’ hockey game

Don Cherry won’t be apologizing for his Hockey Night in Canada rant aimed at “you people” who don’t wear poppies leading up to Remembrance Day. The comments drew condemnation from other organizations that they might be pinned on, along with an apology from sidekick Ron MacLean. (But not the CBC, which aired the commentary.)

Kade’s very online 11th birthday

Corner Brook, Newfoundland, tween Kade Foster was flown to Toronto to meet the Leafs who appeared on the cake that none of his friends supposedly showed up to eat a week earlier. Kade’s surprise included Rosie DiManno writing a column about him.

Native American Journalists Association invited to Times Square. A call for an audit on Catherine Porter’s recent New York Times feature on the struggles of artists in Cape Dorset, Nunavut, will be addressed in a meeting at the newspaper. Meanwhile, the NYT’s weekly Canadian newsletter highlighted Indigenous art with more enthusiasm.

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The meaning of being Frank

Just as Barry Sherman’s backing of Frank D’Angelo is discussed in Kevin Donovan’s book The Billionaire Murders, the Being Frank talk show resumed with new episodes, for which D’Angelo invited a “disser” on as a musical guest. Robin Hatch inspired the host to share his operatic influences, before yielding his laugh track to her piano playing:

Neil Young has to do a second U.S. citizenship test because he smokes weed. An admission of cannabis use leads American immigration officials to double-check the “good moral character” of an applicant, even if they’re married to Daryl Hannah.

Silicone brothel alive in the 905

Aura Dolls was officially blocked from opening due to a Toronto bylaw, although two subsequent American articles indicated it was operating in suburbia. Clients are now steered to a location in Mississauga. The owners kept their faces off-camera when interviewed: