Cleaning up after the Raptors rode the streets

Toronto news now in hangover mode

Four people were injured during a shooting at the Raptors rally, a commotion that Matt Devlin helped to soothe. Four others were stabbed near the Eaton Centre during the parade.

Why wash it before you wear it

Doug Ford at least wore a blazer over his Raptors t-shirt at the rally, but that didn’t stem the sound of boos when he strode onto the stage to which Andrew Scheer aspires.

Mandatory driver training looms for Uber. Toronto city staff are recommending that vehicle-for-hire drivers be forced to take a 17-day course that was scrapped in 2016.

Countdown to scrutiny of Sidewalk

The NDP has asked the federal government to end its commitments to Sidewalk Toronto, just as the Google-affiliated company handed in its proposal ahead of further public consultations.

Facebook gets barked at by watchdogs. Human rights commissions across Canada have put the social network on notice over allowing job ads that are targeted by age.

Finally, local fact-checker wins lotto

Daniel Dale made his debut as a CNN correspondent. Which means it’s only a matter of time until he gets some of these daily debunkings debunked in a tweet from Trump:

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