Chocolate milk and a cancelled cell phone

Silly season for chief Conservatives

“I truly do believe that chocolate milk saved my son’s life,” said Andrew Scheer—a remark that CBC News reported was “said in jest.” Nonetheless, the Conservative leader played to dairy farmers by hailing brown-cow juice in sync with Doug Ford, who loves the stuff.

R.I.P. (416) 805-2156

A flood of calls, apparently with an escalating tone of nastiness, led Ontario’s premier to disconnect the cell phone connection that he’d been promoting to the public.

Watching the Democrats reminds me of pee-wee hockey…A now-deleted tweet from Eric Trump included a photo of an actual four-year-old, whose Ontario dad wanted the POTUS’s son to know that the pee-wee leagues are only for ages 11 and 12.

Cycling back to old silliness

A smaller Toronto city council has reduced the frequency of flare-ups, but it was just like past times as the remaining councillors voted on a change of course for a city cycling strategy:

Katharine Mulherin dead at 54. The pioneering art dealer of West Queen West spent seven years in New York, but recently returned to her gallery roots in Toronto.

Finally, not a hockey musical

Once Were Brothers: Robbie Robertson and the Band will premiere at TIFF’s opening-night gala for 2019. The documentary marks the first time that a Canadian movie will fill that slot since 2010, when Score: A Hockey Musical inexplicably had the honour of kicking off TIFF: