CBC cancelled a product of its own culture

And no one will confirm why

Questions surrounding Indigenous ancestry claims from series co-creator and director Michelle Latimer have been followed by CBC not proceeding with a second season of Trickster. The official statement didn’t specify the reasons for cancellation, Latimer has served the network with a libel notice, and fans of the show have other questions.

JBP against the media again

An interview with Jordan Peterson and his daughter was described as “very strange” by the U.K. Sunday Times writer granted an interview to promote Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life. Mikhalia Peterson described her dad’s ordeal as “like a horror movie” but also posted the entirety of a three-hour interview to claim he was misrepresented.

A Vast Web of Vengeance.” Fabricated smears on multiple websites about British software engineer Guy Babcock were traced to a Toronto woman who once worked for his family. Babcock joined 44 others in successfully suing her. But over the course of researching the story, New York Times reporter Kashmir Hill was similarly targeted.

A friend request for Ottawa

Facebook Canada public policy head Kevin Chan says it’s no longer sustainable for social media companies to self-police content, and calls on the federal government to set the rules. Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault sounds happy to oblige, and the extraction of payments to news publishers will be one part of the impending legislation:

Jim Bawden dead at 75. The longtime Toronto Star television columnist started on the beat in 1971 at the Hamilton Spectator. While he had a preference for covering stars of the vintage variety, Bawden also became the first Canadian welcome on the press tour for American critics, because the networks viewed Hamilton as an extension of Buffalo.

Finally, the bedroom bop star

347aidan took to TikTok to show off his Amazon Music billboard in downtown Toronto. It’s the latest affirmation for Aidan Fuller, a 17-year-old from Cambridge, Ontario, who first captured the stay-at-home zeitgeist with “Dancing in My Room.” The latest follow-up is an animated effort to turn “I don’t wanna know” into an acronym: