Catch the taste of a photo at Mar-a-Lago

Both sides of our times for Rogers

“We do not believe social media is the appropriate platform to judge the actions of others,” read the statement from Ryerson University after its fashion school initially condemned its patron Suzanne Rogers for sharing a photo with Donald Trump. The first family of Rogers Communications enjoyed their evening at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach.

No cancelling the past stats

Major League Baseball’s termination of employment for Roberto Alomar, the result of an investigation into sexual misconduct by the Toronto Blue Jays legend, doesn’t extend to altogether removing his name from baseball halls of fame. But the references to him are coming off the Rogers Centre.

Olympic Stadium was surrounded to fight the lockdown. Montreal’s stadium vaccination site was shut down amidst the circus of fringe interests that participated in a protest that ended with tear gas and arrests. Spring has sprung an uptick in such rallies across Canada, but Barrie fencing off downtown led to slightly less commotion.

Beach volleyball under a gun

Toronto police laid 230 charges in the last week of April after heightening patrols in response to the stay-at-home order that Ontario is under until at least May 20. But it may be loosened soon to include more outdoor activities. Meanwhile, mixed messages regarding recreation resulted in this Canadian Press photo for the ages:

Wealthsimple is valued at $5 billion thanks to Canadian boldface names. Drake, Ryan Reynolds, Michael J. Fox, Kelly Olynyk, Dwight Powell and Patrick Marleau fed into a $750 million round. CEO Mike Katchen figures it to be the largest tech investment ever in Canada. The company was valued at $1.5 billion nine months ago.

Finally, a road ends in Ottawa

Tom Green was the subject of several retrospective pieces upon the recent 20th anniversary of Freddy Got Fingered, echoing his own desire to get the film’s current owner, Disney, to furnish a new director’s cut. But now Green can easily share all the videos he’d like from van life, which has brought him back to where he came from: