Casa Loma’s night as a Hollywood satellite

The sweep that stayed close to home

Schitt’s Creek was stationed at Casa Loma in Toronto to accept Emmy Awards that were handed over from Hollywood, because no public event can transpire without plenty of precautions. Seven trophies for what the CBC commissioned first owes momentum to streaming on Netflix and the fade-out of big network TV sitcoms as a staple of America.

Getting off at the street race

Mega Meet 2.0” was the billing for an automotive gathering that landed in a Cineplex parking lot in Ancaster, Ontario, which police are investigating with hope of charging the organizers. While multiple forces were summoned to track the roving street racers, officers determined they were better off dispersed than fined on the spot.

The NDP’s equity mandate seems to stand in the way of a former MP. Nathan Cullen announced his pursuit of a provincial nomination in northwestern B.C. to replace outgoing Stikine MLA Doug Donaldson. But his goal is being challenged by Annita McPhee, who cites a policy to nominate a member of an equity-seeking group.

Baroness Black crosses pond

After its initial wave of U.K. press attention, copies of Barbara Amiel’s new memoir reached Canada—with swift attention paid to names promised by its title, Friends and Enemies. Rosie DiManno wrote about making the latter list despite never having met Amiel. Getting through the other 600 pages of the book brings more labyrinthine conclusions:

John Turner dead at 91. While elected eight times as a Liberal MP between 1962 and 1993—with a nine-year interlude as a lawyer on Bay Street—he was best known for his 11 weeks as prime minister in the summer of 1984. Turner also once had a relationship with Princess Margaret that letters found in 2015 suggested a possibility of marriage.

Finally, a never-ending present

Gord Downie recorded an album in Bath, Ontario, in the last three months of his life, with Skydiggers guitarist Josh Finlayson and other musicians, including his drummer son, Louis Downie. A follow-up to Introduce Yerself, which appeared 10 days after his death, the announcement says Away Is Mine foreshadows even more releases to come: