Can’t hardly wait to start calling it V-Day

While watching the order in the U.K.

First statistical word about vaccine delivery comes with the realization that Canada has reserved more doses per person than any other country. But there’s also a Globe and Mail report on how Ottawa passed over private sector plans to produce a COVID-19 vaccine: delays in building a new federal production facility will also slow the dosages.

The hewing of data on CEWS

Research from the Financial Post about which companies kept paying a dividend while receiving the Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy stands to put a different lens on how to read stories claiming pandemic success. Meanwhile, the $492 million of public funding for Air Canada coincided with ticket buyers unable to receive their refunds.

Charles McVety is closer to granting university degrees. The bill giving that status to Canada Christian College passed in Ontario, pending independent review. Doug Ford is now facing fire around funding for wetlands, which led to a mass resignation of the Greenbelt Council. On top of it all, the province’s legal cannabis supply is too dry.

Probing the ghost of SkyDome

Redevelopment of the Blue Jays stadium site continues to inspire urban planning imaginations. Rogers Centre demolition plans have stalled while the team remains unclear about next season’s home. But evidence of Toronto baseball influencer Paul Godfrey lobbying city hall about Quayside may be a sign of where a ballpark lands:

Much to do with what comes after cable. Bell Media has rerouted the websites of the former MuchMusic and MTV Canada to streaming via CTV, yet another reflection of diminished expectations that channels like these can be saved. (But now podcasts exist to hear things like Teresa Roncon talking about her days working as a heavy metal VJ.)

Finally, living pieces in Toronto

John Lennon being assassinated on December 8, 1980, has inspired specific Canadian reflections based on him and Yoko Ono visiting the country three times in 1969, which included meeting Marshall McLuhan. The aftermath of Lennon’s death also generated many media memories, destined for a dusting off upon reaching this number: