Canadiens could play without chicken

Condemnation hovers above the ice

St-Hubert BBQ was first to say it would re-evaluate its sponsorship with the Montreal Canadiens due to the team’s first-round draft pick, and it’s followed by three other brands. Justin Trudeau also expressed dismay about Logan Mailloux, who was recently fined in Sweden for sharing sexually explicit photos of a woman without her consent.

Penny’s medals are now heavier

Penny Oleksiak became the most decorated Summer Olympian in Canadian history with her sixth medal, a bronze in the 200-metre freestyle, and still has three more relays ahead of her in Tokyo. More glory for the Toronto swimmer contrasts with the rising anxiety around the Games, further reflected in CBC coverage fraught with frustration.

Toronto announced the completion of revitalizations at Union Station. It came with a ramble from the mayor about how what became an 11-year project to upgrade a transportation hub now faces a readjustment in commuter demand after the pandemic. Hopes are hanging on the building becoming more of a destination.

God save the new viceregal

A letter to governor general Mary Simon from Jagmeet Singh had the NDP leader asking for a snap election request to be rejected—on the grounds that Parliament is now working fine and a pandemic is not the time for one. Justin Trudeau has been taking a victory lap on the two-dose summer scene and transcending the panic of America:

The end of an era for an aardvark. Arthur will no longer be produced as a regular animated series for PBS, ending a 25-year production streak that originated with Montreal company Cinar. The legacy includes a girl character voiced only by boys, two seasons with Steven Crowder as “The Brain,” and Arthur’s fist becoming a meme.

Finally, a serious lucky number

Haviah Mighty had her name better known after winning the Polaris Music Prize in 2019 for the album 13th Floor, which has now earned a second award. The ninth annual Prism Prize for the top Canadian music videos honoured the animated clip from her debut: “Thirteen” was inspired by the 13th Amendment, abolishing slavery in the U.S.: