Canada’s most hated lion-killing lovebirds

Safari smooch is anarchy to the U.K.

Carolyn and Darren Carter of Edmonton were dragged by the Daily Mirror, as part of the U.K. newspaper’s anti-hunting campaign. But they’ve also found some defenders.

The war on the roaring car

This campaign against noise pollution coincides with Toronto city council voting to lower speed limits on roads, as part of a road safety plan branded “Vision Zero 2.0.

The case to change the federal election date. October 21 coinciding with the Jewish holiday of Shemini Atzeret is the focus of a court challenge. But possibly standing in the way of pushing election day back by one week are fixed-date municipal elections in Nunavut.

No vacation from Chair Girl

Marcella Zoia’s recent Instagram stories included updates about her latest trip. But those Miami-bound postings were deleted after the Toronto Sun emailed her lawyer:

Howard Engel dead at 88. The author of the Benny Cooperman detective series, set in the fictional town of Grantham, Ontario, suffered a stroke in 2001 that inspired his memoir, The Man Who Forgot How to Read—a subject of long-term fascination for Oliver Sacks.

Finally, the real Sid Dithers

Eugene Levy heard about major Emmy nominations for Schitt’s Creek after taking his car in for servicing, because he was hearing a rattle—which turned out to be the sound of two CDs stuck in the armrest. These nods come 36 years after SCTV filled the entire shortlist of a writing category, on a night missed by his wife, Deborah Divine: