Calls for correction to CBC’s disinfo obsession

More meta-discord in your Facebook

North99 took issue with a piece that dissected its methods, which include gathering voter data through petitions. But schemes like these are key to Canada’s new partisan media. The election disinformation beat also finds the CBC drawing attention to a “misleading YouTube video” about Shariah law, providing grist for the coverage to get questioned by The Rebel.

The anatomy of a controversy

The Post Millennial finds more to stories surrounding a B.C. Human Rights Tribunal case that has been slow to receive news media coverage beyond the conservative fringes. But it has earned enough international attention to provoke jokes from Ricky Gervais.

Doug Ford returns to promise more transparency. The premier says Ontario will have a process to avoid future debacles like patronage appointments linked to former chief of staff Dean French. DoFo is also back in the game of fiddling with Toronto’s transit plans.

Cops still can’t stop CAFE

The illegal dispensary chain ominously says that “350 dead bodies on the street” will be required before it ceases defying the city’s cement blocks by selling weed on sidewalks:

Pizzaiolo goes for some handcrafted branding. The pizza chain has started upgrading its look, and putting a dash in the logo to help clarify its name. Meanwhile, artisanal QSR design will be taken to new extremes at Tim Hortons 130 King.

Finally, our glorious washroom

The Park Pavilion, a Modernist structure built in 1959, became the stuff of Toronto preservationist affection after it faced partial demolition. But the neglected flying saucer of Etobicoke, commonly known as “The Oculus,” has been granted funds toward a revival: