Bruce Springsteen gives TIFF a last dance

Pre-recorded piece in Toronto 2019

With his penchant for giving every jaded insider a photo to remember him by, Bruce Springsteen used TIFF to launch a documentary on his album Western Stars.

Some ghosting at the podium

At the same time that he stayed away from three fellow leaders, Justin Trudeau was mentioned in a debate quip from Democratic U.S. presidential aspirant Cory Booker.

Keeping up with the election controversies list. The uncovering of old social media posts ended candidacies for a Conservative in Winnipeg and a Green in Simcoe North.

Degrading the legacy of Deco

The anti-carbon-tax stickers required on all gas pumps in Ontario turned out to use the wrong adhesive, resulting in decals being easily peeled off along with vandalism:

Palz unite to oppose what’s become of Bunz. Facebook groups that spawned from the Bunz Trading Zone changed their branding to “Palz” in the wake of layoffs and cutbacks at the app.

TTC really can’t stop the XXX

“The back of a bus should not be confused with the back row of the old Metro Theatre,” says TTC spokesman Stuart Green about proliferating transit peep shows:

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People keep watching porn on the #TTC #Toronto Image

Someone actually wants to own Sum 41’s 2001 MuchMusic Video Award. The auction on eBay, noted by Retrontario, found at least one bidder willing to pay hundreds for it.

Finally, it was 50 years ago today…

Plastic Ono Band played at the Toronto Rock and Roll Revival on September 13, 1969. Surrounding events are still being discussed: