Brothers become a bother to the Liberals

An election involving an evacuation

The clip remembered most from the 2021 federal election could turn out to be gender equality minister Maryam Monsef calling the Taliban “our brothers,” which she clarified was meant as a standard cultural reference among Muslims. Canada’s airlift mission from Afghanistan has since ended, as the crisis continues to hover above campaigning.

Gut check on the next PM

Polling that asked who voters choose for prime minister based on their hearts or gut feelings shows more enthusiasm for Erin O’Toole and Jagmeet Singh—who might end up working together based on remarks by the NDP leader. Meanwhile, an invitation for reporters to talk to Justin Trudeau off the record got more attention for being rebuffed.

Don’t campaign for Erin O’Toole, Doug Ford’s office tells ministers.” Two sources snitched to the Globe and Mail about Ontario PC MPPs asked to refrain from promoting their interactions with federal Conservatives. Pollsters recently speculated that Ford becoming more popular than O’Toole was the reason for the premier to lay low.

A loud mouth gets quieted

Whether or not Rush Limbaugh needed a Canadian equivalent on radio, Charles Adler spent many years trying, including a stint in Tampa. Subsequent years included the Sun News Network, until he was suddenly cancelled. Adler recently claimed to no longer be a conservative—but he was still recently dropped by Global News Radio:

Fritz McIntyre dead at 62. The keyboardist for British band Simply Red upon its debut in 1985, he left the act in 1996 to settle in London, Ontario, where he also released a Christian music album before a move to Florida, where he was a church music director. McIntyre was the co-writer of one Simply Red hit, “Something Got Me Started.”

Finally, forecast remains freaky

Dvsn is the Toronto R&B duo whose drive-in concerts last summer validated the value of their affiliation with Drake. But being noted by The New Yorker is a new level attained by making an album with Ty Dolla Sign, which they conceived on a Miami yacht. “Freak Me” by Silk is the sound of 1993 sampled on the kick-off to Cheers to the Best Memories: