Bianca Andreescu went begging for a bleep

The teen queen of tennis clickbait

Bianca Andreescu’s trail of headlines was well served by an obscenity. She previously refrained from using the full F-word, and was called “the biggest drama queen ever” during another stop along her way to the top.

Club Z’s revival is now dying

Hudson’s Bay revived the Zellers brand for clearance centres after much of the original chain’s real estate was sold to Target Canada. But the initiative is now winding down in Ottawa and Toronto. (Presumably, we’ll still be seeing the second coming of BiWay.)

It’s time to start fighting over election stock photos. Liberal MP Marc Miller aspired to shade a Conservative tweet for using iStock’s “First Nations Canadian Woman” to represent rural areas. Even if the photo isn’t an actual First Nations woman, CPC candidate Cyara Bird assured Miller that she definitely is one.

Trumping all tales of Trudeau

An excerpt from Aaron Wherry’s new book, Promise and Peril, focuses on how the PM learned to navigate dealing with POTUS. But that couldn’t beat the weirdness of this:

Paul Grace dead at 63. As one third of the Boomtang Boys, Grace’s background as a club DJ and staffer at Toronto’s Starsound Records contributed to Canadian hit radio fodder, which included “The Hampsterdance Song.”

Finally, a personal finance ratio

Lissette Calveiro, an influencer marketing director from New York, was used as a case study in a Global News attempt to link how she went into debt to develop that career to financial products being peddled in Canada to rescue others from a similarly vain fate: