Betting a Canadian space on American Dream

Make mallrats a great thing again

The opening of a portion of the American Dream mega-mall in East Rutherford, New Jersey, brought on coverage already declaring it a nightmare. Despite its name, the mall comes with Canadian ownership: Triple Five Group, run by the Ghermezian family, who put up 49 per cent of their interest in the pioneering West Edmonton Mall as collateral.

Lines drawn around the library

Toronto Public Library has PEN Canada backing for opting not to prevent Meghan Murphy from speaking amidst planned protests. Gwen Benaway, one of the writers who formally asked the TPL to cancel the room rental, explains why in a piece that repeats a now-retracted tweet that library board members were eating Chick-fil-A.

Conservatives need a Bill Davis-style leader if they hope to defeat Liberals.Brampton mayor Patrick Brown seizes upon Andrew Scheer’s election loss to write for the Toronto Star. Citing the federal party policies, on the environment, equity and quality, Brown calls for somebody like his retired Ontario premier pal to replace Scheer next spring.

Doug Ford’s first day back

Queen’s Park returned to business after the premier’s long summer vacation. DoFo was met with some animated protests in spite of his vow to be the least inflammatory politician you’ve ever seen. But the day didn’t end without some social media drama:

Sue-Ann Levy still wants her wanted posters taken down. Ontario Coalition Against Poverty is standing by its campaign against the Toronto Sun columnist, whose lawyer sent OCAP a letter arguing that the posters may lead her to face harm.

Spotify snags star from CBC

Connie Walker’s announcement that she was leaving the CBC after 19 years, despite being one of its podcast stars, via Missing & Murdered, was followed with a twist. Gimlet Media, which Spotify acquired for a couple hundred million, made her a better offer:

John Felderhof dead at 79. The only Bre-X Minerals executive prosecuted following its 1990s gold hoax, chief geologist Felderhof was found not guilty of insider trading in 2007 then moved to Manila, Philippines. (Bre-X CEO David Walsh died in 1998.)

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Finally, seeking cereal salvation

Restaurant Brands International earnings are up thanks to Burger King and Popeyes, but Tim Hortons has become a drag: Beyond Meat burgers did nothing to reverse their decline. So, sightings of an unconfirmed breakfast spin-off arrived on time: