Barstool Sports laughs at Gord Miller

Virtue signals are sounded at TSN

TSN and NBC announcer Gord Miller offered some criticism about Barstool Sports in response to a question about whether he’d appear on its hockey podcast. Barstool founder Dave Portnoy took issue with the labelling and invited Miller to talk about the concerns—which he did elsewhere instead. And the Spittin’ Chiclets team got a new foil.

Cancel clemency in Quebec

Bell Média has brought back Maripier Morin for a new season of the immersive documentary series Mais Pourquoi? It was one of many jobs the actress lost after being accused of sexual harassment and racism last July. Three months later, Morin issued a mea culpa. Quebec’s government has since stepped up to fight the “war on woke.”

Michael Milosh denied the allegations from his ex-wife. The musician better known as Rhye replied to accusations from Zoey 101 star Alexa Nikolas, who was married to Toronto-born Milosh for four years. He says her labelling him an ephebophile was driven by their divorce. She replied by requesting some evidence.

Torstar heading out of space

Last summer, new ownership led to the Peterborough Examiner vacating its office in favour of remote work, a move that its own managing editor thinks could benefit the future of journalism. But the latest headlines of physical newsroom closures by Torstar in St. Catharines and Kitchener elicited a resentful reaction from one retired reporter:

Alberta’s energy war room has spent a week fighting a cartoon on Netflix. Bigfoot Family was targeted with a petition from the Canadian Energy Centre, which is backed by the provincial government, on the grounds that it disparages the oil and gas industry. Jason Kenney doubled down to defend the campaign, even as the ridicule for it grew.

Finally, the un-cancelled clone

Boba Fett was introduced on 1978’s Star Wars Holiday Special, which stays an officially buried part of the franchise. But this segment is now set for streaming on Disney Plus. The Story of the Faithful Wookiee, produced by Nelvana in Toronto, had the late actor Don Francks voicing the Mandalorian bounty hunter. It’s also viewable on YouTube: