Ayesha Curry’s post-quar reality goals

The dividends of infinite influencing

The cover story on one magazine, and another on her very own, reflects the amount of deal-making by Ayesha Curry to expand the parameters of influencing via Instagram. She recently crossed the border with her husband, Steph, who missed out on the NBA bubble, and witnessed her own Walmart glory close to her roots in Markham, Ontario.

Uline chief got border security

CBC News learned of the top Donald Trump donor visiting Milton, Ontario, without a quarantine, during which time local police were called about American visitors whose faces weren’t covered. Liz Uihlein flew in on her private jet with other executives from Uline, which has plenty of masks in stock.

The rich who got richer during six months of lockdown life. A new report from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives panned from the lowest ebb of the stock market to calculate that Canada’s 20 richest billionaires have amassed $37 billion in collective wealth. Shopify CEO Tobi Lütke is named as the greatest gainer of the era.

Secret Toronto whistle is blown

Chester Hill Lookout is Toronto’s secret observation deck,” enthused a two-year-old post that BlogTO recently republished. Not only did it generate Facebook comments fearing the item would lead to the east-end observation deck losing its romantic appeal, it led to a new item based on a local resident saying worse things have recently happened:

Back in 2017, my friend pitched a Rick Moranis cartoon to Adult Swim and won, they finally released the footage today.” The concept involved its hero secluded in northern Alberta as “the gatekeeper between our world and hell itself.” While some artwork was produced, the channel decided that Moranis was too obscure.

Finally, a life full of night shifts

Jim Carrey was announced as the Joe Biden impersonator on Saturday Night Live, right before the 40th anniversary of his first television credit. The All-Night Show premiered on Toronto’s Channel 47 on September 19, 1980, and it only aired for 50 weeks. But the teenage Carrey’s voice cameos were among the details that made it the stuff of legends still discussed today: