Auston Matthews caught with pants down

Dad’s disputation brought on charges

Fayola Dozithee, the Arizona security guard alleging Auston Matthews dropped his pants in front of her, says her decision to press charges was brought on by the Leafs forward’s father disputing the incident. Police released a body cam interview with her after charging the regretful Matthews with disorderly conduct.

What comes after Bob McCown

Tim Micallef and Sid Seixeiro scored the 5–7 p.m. slot on Sportsnet 590 The Fan, in a move expected ever since Rogers put them on TV against Bob McCown—who’s busy with his wine business after leaving radio. Meanwhile, the Toronto station’s morning show has a new lineup. Greg Brady, now twice removed from the gig, claims that the parting is amicable.

Liberals are keeping a journalist away from Justin Trudeau. Andrew Lawton, who’s covering the campaign for True North, has been repeatedly refused accreditation for the conservative media outlet, which is a registered charity. Thunder Bay police removed Lawton from a public rally, although he’s unclear on who exactly called the cops.

Bernier finds the right platform

A visit by the People’s Party leader to the Toronto Star editorial board apparently met with some newsroom resistance. And a Maxime Bernier event at Mohawk College now appears cancelled after the school raised security costs following condemnation via the Hamilton Spectator. But he brought star candidate Renata Ford along to Postmedia:

McDonald’s is trying the Beyond Meat burgers abandoned by Tim Hortons. “P.L.T.” is what McD’s is calling the 12-week plant, lettuce and tomato tryout in Southwestern Ontario. Tims stopped making those burgers after apparent apathy. New president Alexandre Macedo now sounds more interested in more hockey-themed decor.

MLM leaving students SOL

The recruitment efforts by Kuvera Global have been met with allegations of duplicity and harassment from students who signed up to the self-described financial education service:

Malcolm Gladwell thinks that Jordan Peterson is smarter than he is. The Canadian Press interviewed Gladwell ahead of his Canadian tour for Talking to Strangers, a book that had The Atlantic’s Andrew Ferguson wondering if the formula has been exhausted.

Finally, the obvious child anthem

Raffi doesn’t know whether Greta Thunberg’s activism will stop climate change—but he produced a tribute to her, because he’s Raffi: