Are you ready for the one-dose summer?

Generation AZ is just irritable now

Oxford-AstraZeneca- vaccinations have been paused in Ontario along with Alberta and Saskatchewan, which leaves the federal party leaders among those wondering what a rare risk of blood clots means for the second shot. Justin Trudeau still floated a promise of greater freedom during a “one-dose summer” as a path to the “two-dose fall.”

No dancing in these streets

Toronto’s latest round of digital signage isn’t being read by groups like the approximate 150 attendees of a weekend party in a commercial building downtown, which resulted in 24 people being charged and the seizure of $13,000 worth of alcohol. The maskless bash bust led the mayor and fire chief to scold them for spoiling future fun.

Just another day of arguing over what it takes to reopen Ontario. The latest round finds Science Advisory Table director Peter Juni insisting outdoor amenities could safely return based on the logic of everything. Despite all the golf clubs lobbying the province, solicitor general Sylvia Jones says that ban will remain in order to limit mobility.

Paw Patrol can’t save this

Bill C-10 is barely on the radar of most Canadians, but it’s continued to spark much discussion about cultural protectionism—and clickbait suggesting its passage would pummel Joe Rogan. It also has the subplot of a heritage minister using unregulated social media to promote a quote from a claim that Big Tech is secretly scheming against him:

Martin Scorsese has disappointed Joe Flaherty. A comment Flaherty evidently made on Facebook about the director’s abandonment of An Afternoon with SCTV brought on a wave of disappointment. The reunion special, produced by CTV and Netflix, was shot May 13, 2018. This week is the 40th anniversary of SCTV Network 90 debuting on NBC straight outta Edmonton.

Finally, the shading of 45

Suzanne Rogers might’ve defused the backlash in Canada by expressing regret for sharing a family photo with Donald Trump, but its fallout gained subsequent international steam. Page Six had an unnamed source say the Mar-a-Lago visit was on Trump’s invitation as part of investigating future ventures. Rogers spox responded by doubling denial down: