America’s top “Karen” happens to be Canadian

The dog days of park confrontations

Circulation of a video in which a woman called police to pointedly report “an African American man” threatening her life—after he advised her to leash her dog in Central Park—was followed by Amy Cooper being placed on leave by Franklin Templeton. The requisite digging revealed her to be a Canadian graduate of the University of Waterloo.

Drum away in these circles

Trinity Bellwoods Park may follow the lead of big American cities by adding “social distancing circles” designed to curb people from packing into green space in downtown Toronto. The fallout included Doug Ford urging everyone who was there to get tested for COVID-19, but the mayor who visited the scene is taking other advice from doctors.

The theory that “Harper is still lurking” is still lurking. One riding president’s wish that Stephen Harper step in to lead the Conservatives again coincided with new flames around an old clip of the former PM saying the media conspired against him. Meanwhile, the CPC hopefuls aren’t fond of the party taking a federal wage subsidy.

Towing in some truck suspects

Stories about violent turf wars in the Greater Toronto Area included torched tow trucks and a series of occasionally fatal shootings. The lid has now been blown off this organized crime infiltration as hundreds of charges, including first-degree murder, resulted from an investigation that was announced with wrecker-worthy graphics:

Meng Wanzhou posed for celebratory pictures on the steps of the B.C. Supreme Court. CBC News observed the Huawei executive take centre stage in a flash photo shoot a few days before the decision on whether her case meets a key threshold of Canada’s extradition law. But strangely staged events are nothing new for Huawei.

Finally, the nihilist sportscaster

Bob McCown exited Rogers Media last June after three decades as host of Prime Time Sports, in what he insisted wasn’t retirement. Recently, he wondered why sports media ratings shrunk without games and talked about imagining games played without fans. So, there’s no better time for McCown to debut on YouTube to revel in this new world: