Adam Vaughan won’t put any kids in cages

An election promise that he can keep

MP Adam Vaughan posted a photo of a U.S.-Mexico border facility, as part of an exchange about Ontario social services minister Todd Smith saying that the federal Liberals aren’t paying their share of resettlement costs for asylum seekers. The tweet fed a radio argument over Vaughan’s rhetoric, and a rebuke that cited his late father.

A screen to project politics on

A woman holding a “VOTE ANDREW SCHEER” sign while captured on video shouting a racist slur and spitting at the camera was sent for a mental health assessment. Talya Davidson has another Toronto court date on September 12.

Kevin Hua wants to be the first MP born in 2001. “Baby of the House” status in Canada has belonged to Pierre-Luc Dusseault ever since he was elected for the NDP at age 19 in 2011. Hua following those footsteps would require beating Pierre Poilievre.

Root beer vs. organized labour

Foodora couriers have voted on whether to form a union, which has put fears about the future of collective bargaining higher on the fast-food agenda, particularly at A&W:

Salvatore Pusateri dead at 94. He was the founder of a St. Clair Avenue produce stand, which transformed into an upscale food market with five locations in Toronto. The Pusateri’s flagship store on Avenue Road was revived after a three-alarm fire in 2015.

Finally, a gift from Taylor Swift

Ayesha Khurram is the University of Waterloo accounting student whose Tumblr lament about how cuts to OSAP would leave her without the tuition and rent assistance that she counted on last year resulted in a money transfer from a famous follower:

i posted about struggling with paying for tuition. two hours later, i get this in my email. i have no words and i can’t stop crying. i don’t have words i don’t have words i don’t have words i can’t stop crying
August 13, 2019